Class of ’68 50th Reunion –
Remember Where You Were the Evening of June 13, 1968?
Most Likely in Your Cap and Gown Picking Up Your H-F Graduation Diploma
50 Years Ago To the Day!
Friday, Sept 28, 2018
H-F Student Career Mentoring: Several of our class members will present sessions for H-F students describing their careers in various fields and how to prepare for them.  We already have people signed up to speak.  If you would like to join them, contact Bob Presnak at   You can also help H-F students by donating to our Class Gift (see the Donation button on the Website Home page).
Golf Outing: Noon-5:00 pm, Coyote Run Golf Course, Flossmoor; contact John P. Hart at to sign up.  Golf fee of $25-$35 is paid when you play.
Welcome Gathering & Party Food (including appetizers & entrée dishes): Wiley’s Grill at Coyote Run Golf Course, 7:00-11:00 pm
       Don’t forget to register for the Wiley’s event.  It’s no additional cost but we need to know expected attendance to help our planning.
Saturday, Sept 29, 2018
Morning local history presentation plus Tour of H-F High School
Buffet Dinner & Party, 60s Dancing: Flossmoor Country Club (FCC), 6:00-10:00 pm
Including class reunion photo, video tribute, memorabilia display, classmate recognitions
       (Attire - business casual)
Keep Visiting Our Website
Since January we have been averaging almost 1,000 Website visits per month!  It’s your best source for Reunion information.  If you don’t have the 50th monthly Bulletin emailed to you, be sure to check the Website and our Facebook page (see below) regularly.
It’s Not Too Soon to Book Your Hotel Reservation
If you are coming to our 50th from out of town, you’ll probably need to stay at a hotel.  The hotels closest to our Reunion venues can be found by clicking Hotels on the Home page left side menu.  Be advised, rooms are going fast because September is a time for many social events.  Although these hotels often have rooms for $100-120 per night, they are likely to raise that for popular weekends like ours.  Act now!
You Oughta Be in Pictures!
We hope you like the “These Are the Days” video linked from our Website Home page.  Now we’d like to go one better – a full 15 minute blockbuster celebrating our favorite high school era memories.  We’ll put it together if you’ll supply the pictures.
Here’s what we need:
1) Personal pictures from H-F events like Homecoming, Prom, Graduation, Sports, Music and Drama performances, and Awards
2) Our yearbook photos
3) Yearbook candids
4) Homewood and Flossmoor landmarks from the ‘60s
Here’s how we’ll do it:
Let’s spread the work across the class, using our Website as a tool.  That is, everyone take the time to scan yearbook and personal photos that relate to you.  These files can then be uploaded via our Website.  Face shot photos from “then” and now can be uploaded to the Classmate News page, and other photos can be uploaded to the new “Special Events 1964 to 1968” album on the Your Photos page.  To make sure your photos get used, please complete your uploads by July 15.
We’ll take the photos we get and expand the current class video to accommodate them. 
We’ll have a Grand Premier showing at the Saturday evening FCC event!
Paying By Check Helps Our Budget
To register for the 50th, go to the Registration pages on the Class Website.  Using Online Registration provides the convenience of credit card payment.  However, for each online registration we incur a credit card fee of $3.00.  If you use Mail In Registration and pay by check, that $3.00 can go to Reunion expenses.  For 100 or more people registering, that could save us at least $300!  Sending payment by U.S. Mail means you’ll have to lick an envelope, but it really pays off for our event.
For all the details on our 50th Reunion activities, click More on the Event in the Welcome page left side menu.
Summer’s here and the time is right for dancin’ in the streets.
Will I see you in September, or lose you to a summer love.
There ain’t no cure for the summertime blues.
Tell the teacher we’re surfin’, Surfin’ USA!
Sincerely, your 50th Reunion Planning Committee,
Bob Presnak (Co-Chair), Bill Armstrong (Co-Chair), Paul Connery, Robert Faerber,
John P. Hart, Chris Julius, Nancy McElroy, Donna Talamonti Nylander, Phil Pagoria, Don Rawitsch, Janet Reed, Sally Schneider
Get others to buy your drinks at the 19th hole by taming the greens at our 50th . . .
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