40th Reunion attendees contributed over $1,000 so that we could buy the school a permanent bench outside the school’s main entrance.  On that bench the inscription reads:  Best Education  -  Best Times  -  Best Friends
Now it’s our turn to help the students at H-F 50 years after we benefitted.
Please consider making a donation below that will allow the Reunion Committee to present H-F with a Class of ‘68 gift.  Whether it be a scholarship or an addition to the school’s learning facilities, our gift will provide a direct benefit to H-F students. 
Our goal is to raise $6,800
Thanks for your contribution!
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Goal: $ 6,800
Total Collected:
$ 1,860

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"Great memories. Let's hope the Class of 2018 has many as well!"
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"Great to see we will be paying it forward."